Dan Smyth’s I Got More Guns than the KGB

Dan chronicled how, in May 2013, an organization called Defense Distributed (DD) used a 3-D printer to “print” a plastic pistol that really shoots. DD posted the gun’s blueprints on its website for others to download and print.

Dan argued DD changed the world in two significant ways. First, DD discovered how to make guns available to everyone in the world, as people can now copy guns without limit. Second, DD’s printed gun shows that the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms can overlap with the First Amendment’s “freedom of…the press.” The Founders meant the First Amendment’s “the press” to refer to any communications technology, such as today’s office printers, blogs, and 3-D printers.

Thus, as Dan noted, “printed gun specs are non-scarce goods that the First and Second Amendments protect, [so] any American could…have, to paraphrase rapper M.I.A., ‘more guns than the KGB.’”

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